Thursday, October 31, 2013

31 Days of Goosebumps - Book 62. Monster Blood IV

Book 62: Monster Blood IV

It amazes me that I loved the first Monster Blood book so much but lost so much interest in the future installments.

Technically this isn’t exactly Monster Blood but it follows the same characters from the series and focuses on a different slime in a can that goes wrong. 

The simple version is that Evan, Andy and Kermit are all back again (along with bully Conan). They find a can of blue slime which turns into creatures that suck water from everything causing them go to expand and multiple. The more water the drink the angrier they get until eventually the eat each other.

In the end Bully Conan eats the slime and has multiplied into 4 meaner Conans.

And that’s how the Goosebumps franchise ends. Sort of disappointing based on how much I loved the last two books.

THE BAD: It’s just not the most interesting or memorable book so kind of a weak final book.

THE GOOD: I like that they changed up the Monster Blood story and I actually enjoyed the ending.


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  1. read all of your goosbumps reviews. loved all of them. I have a short attention span unfortunatly but your summeries we're straight to the point and gave me a good idea of the story. I wish you would have given more of a "finale" feel with this last one, but none the less I enjoyed the posts.