Sunday, October 13, 2013

31 Days of Goosebumps: Book 44. Say Cheese and Die - Again

Book 44: Say Cheese and Die ... Again

After he fails a school report due to the assignment being “Tell a true story” and Greg tells the class about his evil camera that summer. His only way to not fail is to “prove the story is real”.

Greg goes to the old house (which has been torn down) and finds the camera in the trash can. After taking a random kid’s picture the image develops with the nail stuck in the kid’s foot. A second later he steps on a nail.

While walking to school Shari tries to stop him from taking the camera to school and accidently takes her picture (which just prints a negative). She takes his picture and it prints out a picture of him over 400 pounds.

Quickly Shari starts losing weight and Greg starts gaining it. No one can explain this. Suddenly Greg decides if they have the pictures reversed (get the negative printed and print the negative) they’ll return to normal.

It’s a success! Greg takes the camera to the teacher who then takes a picture of the entire class with it.

THE BAD: Greg is an idiot. I understand he’s twelve, but even a twelve year old should know that what happened to him was so extraordinary that NO ONE would believe it.

THE GOOD: The camera is more evil than before. I was bored in the original Say Cheese and Die, however this camera gets nails in your foot, makes you lose weight til the point you could die and gain weight until you’re almost 500 pounds. I actually was concerned for people’s well being this time!

THE TV SHOW EPISODE:  The special effects were pretty decent for a children’s show in the 90’s and I like the ending a little more. While it doesn’t have that horrorifying ending where we don’t know what happened to the rest of the class, I like the idea that the Teacher gets justice for being a dick.

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