Sunday, October 20, 2013

31 Days of Goosebumps - Book 51. Beware, The Snowman

Book 51: Beware, The Snowman

This one was kinda boring but then made the leap into batshit crazy in the last few chapters. 

So Jaclyn lives with her Aunt. They move to this weird snow filled village. There’s creepy snowman all over the town. She’s told to never go to the top of the mountain because their is a giant evil snowman up there. 

Jaclyn goes up and looks and meets the snowman. The Snowman tells her that he’s her father and his aunt is trying to trap him in his body (as he and her mother were sorcerers) She frees him and turns out he’s a giant monster.

As the monster is about to kill her an army of snowman attack him created by her actual father (the old hermit who lives on the mountain)

THE BAD: Yeah that ending was completely bat shit crazy right?

THE GOOD: The end is bat-shit crazy! As terrible is that ending is, it’s kinda like Troll 2 or Birdemic. It’s so insane that I couldn’t help but like it. But if I were to reread these books again in the future I’m not sure how excited I’d be about rereading this one.


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