Monday, October 21, 2013

31 Days of Goosebumps - Book 52. How I learned to Fly

Book 52: How I Learned to Fly

I had no clue this book existed, like at all. This isn’t the usual Goosebumps book. It’s less horror and more a weird comedic story with a supernatural twist to it.

As per usual Stine proves an incredible ability to make the most obnoxious characters ever. We may have outdid himself with Wilson who I wanted to strangle from is introduction to the last page. He’s Jack’s arch-nemesis. No matter what Jack is good at Wilson is always better, that is until Jack discovers a book that teaches you a recipe that allows you to fly.

However when he finally gets to show his secret crush Mia his powers he discovers that Wilson can also fly. He saw Jack make the recipe, stole the book and made it for himself (nothing like a little theft that no one seems to care about).

The next day Wilson tells the class that him and Jack are going to have a special race. Despite Mia asking him not to fly and Jack knowing it’s a bad idea he chooses to anyway. The media and government go CRAZY for him. Jack is harassed daily by interviews and press events. Finally Wilson challenges him to a televised race. But as the race begins Jack realizes he lost his ability to fly. 

However Jack reveals to us that he never lost his ability. He threw the race in order to go back to having a normal life.

THE BAD: As I said Wilson makes me want to tear the book in half

THE GOOD: The bad is actually a positive. Wilson is supposed to do that to you. I also really enjoyed the twist away from horror more into a cautionary tale of the dangers of celebrity. In general I liked this book more than I expected to.


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