Tuesday, October 22, 2013

31 Days of Goosebumps - Book 53. Chicken Chicken

Book 53: Chicken, Chicken

This book was pretty bizarre but I think I liked it.

Crystal and Cody Sanders (based on the books title that had to have been intentional) live on a farm and hate it. Specifically the hate feeding the chickens. A Few houses down lives a women named Vanessa who they believe has magical powers.

They bump into her one day when at the market and she drops her groceries. They’re so scared that they run away but as they do they hear her whisper “Chicken Chicken”. The next day Cole and Crystal slowly start changing into chickens. 

They break into Vanessa’s house but are unsuccessful at finding the reversal spell. When Vanessa arrives and finds the two chicks in her house she immediately knows who they really are and tells them she was teaching them a lesson for poor manners and not apologizing. Crystal hops on the typewriter and apologizes but Vanessa says it’s too little too late.

Crystal then types out a thank you note for disciplining them which touches Vanessa’s heart enough that she turns them back. She brings them soda and the two begin burping and laughing. That’s when Vanessa says Pig Pig

THE BAD: There’s only a few downsides to this particular book. Mostly based on drawn out scenarios and parents not paying attention to their kids. Also I’m not sure how I feel about the “Pig Pig” ending.

THE GOOD: Going into this not knowing what it was about (although the cover is a nice little hint) allowed for me to quite enjoy this story. Still not Stine’s best but I enjoyed it.


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