Saturday, October 26, 2013

31 Days of Goosebumps - Book 57. My Best Friend is Invisible

Book 57: My Best Friend is Invisible

Everyone thinks Sammy is crazy ever since he’s been seen talking to Bren an invisible kid living in his bedroom who wants to be his friend.

Finally he steals his parents light molecular device (they’re scientists) and shines it on Bren revealing that Bren is a monster. Bren is the almost extinct human being. 

Yes. The whole 114 page book can (and just was) summed up in 4 sentences. That’s how much happens in this book. 

THE BAD: Yet again we have a pretty terrible ending. Besides the fact that it’s not a very original twist nor something that can be predicted it doesn’t make sense. In one scene Bren grabs Sammy’s hand and helps guide it for him so he can solve an equation... then it’s revealed Sammy only has tentacles for arms. How would he even hold a piece of chalk? Furthermore... I’m pretty sure this twist has happened like 5 times in the series (a variation of it was two days ago in The Blob That Ate Everyone).

THE GOOD: Not a whole lot really. This book was a chore.

THE TV SHOW EPISODE:  For whatever reason they turned his female friend into a bitch of a bitch and made Sammy a bit of a pussy. The ending is a little weird in this since it’s Aliens that look like humans. So that’s kinda weird (also they draw it out into a weird political thing)

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