Wednesday, October 9, 2013

31 Days of Goosebumps: Book 40. Night of the Living Dummy III

Book 40: Night of the Living Dummy Part III

This was probably the best of the Living Dummy series. Which isn’t exactly a rave review as I haven’t exactly been head over heels for the previous installments. My biggest complaint has been that the first 25 chapters revolve around our main character falling for pranks that don’t drive the story as much as they simply eat up pages for Stine.  Does this do the same? Well... 

The story follows Trina and Dan. Their dad is a former Ventriloquist. His attic is filled with various dummies over the years. He finds an old dummy in the trash (you guessed it Old Slappy) and Trina finds a card and reads it aloud. That same day their cousin Zane and his uncle are coming over to stay for a week. Zane is geeky and a bit of a coward. Whenever he visits Trina and Dan tend to scare him to death.

Dummies keep popping up left and right throughout the house. Finally they discover it’s Zane. After the 3 make a truce to no longer scare each other with dummies things continue to happen. Suspecting it’s Zane again Dan and Trina hide in the attic. While there they discover Slappy is alive. The other dummies come to life and beat the evil out of him.

In the end they give him to Zane and he winks as Zane leaves the house.

THE BAD: There is still an overwhelming amount of pranks in the beginning

THE GOOD: In general the story is better paced that Living Dummy stories in the past. The characters were more likable then before and I liked the twist at the end more than the previous installments.

THE TV SHOW EPISODE:  An Episode was made but not available on Netflix (like Haunted Mask II last week)

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