Monday, October 28, 2013

31 Days of Goosebumps - Book 59. The Haunted School

Book 59: The Haunted School

This book just went on and on. It was pretty dull and utterly forgettable. Example, I finished it last night and as of this moment all I remember is the following.

There are 4 characters that matter. Tommy, Ben, Thailia and Greta. Greta is a goth chick who dresses in all black, Thalia is a new student who wears lots of make-up, Tommy and Ben are Thalia’s new friends. The three are working on the school dance. Apparently 50 years ago a bunch of kids went missing at the school. Just disappeared into thin air.

All this info is presented in the first two chapters. Then it’s about 10 chapters of nothing too important.

Anyway Tommy and Ben need to get tape and get lost in the school. Using a weird elevator they’ve discovered they get taken to a weird black & white world where all the missing kids are (still kids 50 years after the fact).

Finally after a whole lot of nothing happens we find out the following info:
  1. They disappeared because of the creepy evil photographer Mr. Chameleon who transported them immediately after taking their picture
  2. Thalia is from the Black & White World 
  3. Tommy and Ben can escape using Thalia’s Lipstick (confusing I know)

Anyway as soon as Ben and Tommy escape the black and white world the principal brings them to get their picture taken by Mr. Chameleon

THE BAD: It’s a pretty forgettable book, but it’s certainly not a terrible book. I can’t decide if the Thalia reveal is an obvious one or if I just think that because I’m reading it for the first time at 28

THE GOOD: The black and white world is kinda creepy.


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