Thursday, October 24, 2013

31 Days of Goosebumps - Book 55. The Blob That Ate Everyone

Book 55: The Blob That Ate Everyone

Zackie wants to be a famous horror writer. While his friend Alex loves his stories his friend Adam is a complete asshole who shits on everything he does and goes out of his way to embarrass him. I’d question why he’s friends with Adam... but Adam accurately represents my friends until College.

Anyway one day Zackie finds a typewriter in a burnt down store and takes it home. One day when writing his book “The Blob Who Ate Everyone” he accidentally creates a blob... that begins to eat 2 police officers and Adam (just shy of everyone).

Suddenly Zackie realizes that the typewriter has no powers. He has the power. He thinks the blob away and it disappears.

We then cut to two monsters discussing a story one monster has written called “Attack of the Human”. They decide that the ending is too sad and change it where the Blob successfully eats everybody.

THE BAD: It was kinda slow and drawn out. Also Adam (like all Stine bullys) is un-fucking-bareable.

THE GOOD: That ending! That ending is so next level bananas that it’s hard to not adore it!

THE TV SHOW EPISODE:  This was a pretty decent adaptation what I was most impressed by was the look of the Blob Monster in the opening sequence. Then they showed the whole blob and it was much less impressive. Much better than the book except that they cut out the crazy ending which was my favorite part of the story.

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