Wednesday, October 16, 2013

31 Days of Goosebumps - Book 47. Legend of the Lost Legend

Book 47: Legend of the Lost Legend

Justin and his sister Marissa are in Brovania with their father searching for the Lost Legend (an ancient manuscript lost for 500 years). Justin and Marissa go on a search to find the story for their father but only end up lost in the woods.

They discover a small house belonging to Ivanna. She tells them that they will be tested and if they succeed they will receive what they seek. They will go into the fantasy forest with Luka (a half man/half dog). 

They’re attacked by mechanical mice, attacked by a giant cat and discovered that Ivanna was actually a robot. That’s when Luka reveals himself to be a man in costume. He gives them a silver chest that when they open it they discover a giant egg inside it. They return to Luka and he tells them where to find the Lost Legend. 

When they meet the owners of it they are super excited to hand off the manuscript. THey read the front page which states that the owner of the lost legend themselves will be lost until it’s found again. They look up and realize they are in an entirely different location of the woods and have no clue how to get home.

THE BAD: I actually liked this book a lot so I don’t have too many negatives. I do think it’s basically a combination of other stories and not super unique or special. The general plot is similar to Beast of the East and Stine loves revealing characters are actually robots.

THE GOOD: I really enjoyed the twists and turns out of this book. Specifically since I went in expecting to hate it.


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