Friday, October 18, 2013

31 Days of Goosebumps - Book 49. Vampire Breath

Book 49: Vampire Breath

Freddy and his friend Cara go searching in his basement and discover a empty coffin with a bottle of Vampire Breath. When they open the bottle the room fills with smoke and an old vampire is found inside the coffin.

He’s confused as to where he’s at but can’t find his teeth. He claims that the vampire breath will help him remember and send him back to his own time. He accident taks Cara and Freddy back 100 years to his castle.

He still can’t find his teeth and needs another bottle of vampire breath. The two kids run around trying to find the bottle, they discover it and using it travel back to their original time (with the vampire). Freddy’s Mom arrives in the basement and greets her father (the vampire). Freddy’s whole family are vampires (Freddy included). HIs parents and grandfather leave to suck blood.

Freddy and Cara search his house for clues that he was a vampire and find a bottle of Werewolf Sweat. They accidently open it... the end.

THE BAD: This is a pretty boring book, nothing happens in it and both twists are kinda weak. But the Werewolf sweat is a much worse twist.

THE GOOD: The reveal of the vampire being Freddy’s grandfather was okay

THE TV SHOW EPISODE:  I enjoyed this episode enough. I liked making the characters brother and sister instead of friends (because it wasn’t really an important detail). I feel like the role of the vampire should have been someone older (this ‘Grandfather vampire’ is like.... 37). Also after the “twist ending” there’s an extra 30 seconds where the two characters get bunkbed coffins. That was a weird extra addition.

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