Monday, October 14, 2013

31 Days of Goosebumps - Book 45: Ghost Camp

Book 45: Ghost Camp

Harry and Alex are off to Camp Spirit Moon. They’re arriving late because they had trouble finding a camp to attend in the middle of the summer. When they arrive they find the camp completely empty.

Turns out that it’s a giant prank from the campers. They like to scare new campers. Harry befriends Lucy and Alex befriends Elvis. 

Eventually the title of the book is revealed to be accurate. Everyone is a ghost at camp except Harry and Alex. The only way for the ghosts to leave is possession. Harry and Alex flee from camp. While they hitchhike Harry asks Alex to sing (as Alex has a beautiful voice) and instead Elvis’ awful singing voice comes out.

THE BAD: The books is pretty forgettable. It’s not a bad book persay, just kinda dull. We know it’s going to be a Ghost Camp from the title so the suspense is almost completely non-existent.

THE GOOD: The twist at the end with Elvis’ voice coming from Alex’s mouth made me laugh. I think it was one of the best reveals in any Goosebumps story.


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