Friday, August 27, 2010

Inside the Matt-ors Studio

So while I was in San Diego Comic Con, I acted in a short written by Jonathan London of Geekscape. I told you guys about it in my previous posts (see). I wanted to discuss my motivation in this role and to discuss the internet's reaction to this instant viral sensation. But first... please watch the video!

Alright well for this role I had to BECOME a man who was turned on by other men. I thought back to all of my opposite of heterosexual friends (be that bi or homo) to create my motivation. I had to truly want to still have sex with the metroid when that mask was back on. I spent multiple takes just standing at the table licking my lips. if you pay close attention to the closing credits you'll see I also did sound on this production. This involved me laying on the group at crotch level with the Metroid, to say this didn't help with my inspiration would be a lie. I saw the gloriousness that is Tim Jenning's greatest acting ascent that you all sadly only got to see in quick cuts.

Since this launched my phone has been ringing off the hook. People want to know more about this character, I've even heard talk about Jonathan writing me my own spin off when I move out there in January. I will say this, this is not the last you've seen of Matt Kelly. I'm already nominated for a Webbie Award as well as being praised by GLADD.

Okay Time to Get Real

I sincerely enjoy the video that I was in. I had a lot of fun being apart of it and hope to be in future episodes of NPCs. The only thing more fun than the making of that was reading the youtube comments. If you look multiple people are complaining that this video is "gay" and "sucks" because we have "The worst metroid costume they've ever seen!" first of all... NO

But Secondly, the whole point was to TRY to make the worst costume ever. That being said... the above picture says we failed.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saint Mort Comes to Youtube

I assume if you're reading my blog, you know that Saint Mort is the alias for my music/comedy side project. If you didn't know that get to my site asap! For over 7 years I've been performing songs but short of the few times people attended my shows no one has really gotten to hear my music... so I'm giving youtube a shoot! Once a month or so I'll be posting video links to different songs of mine (covers and originals) here's the first one.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Monthly Mix - August 16th, 2010

So for the last 2 years I've been making a mix once a month of songs and posting them on websites for people to download. Why I've never bothered to post them on this blog actually baffles me. So here's the first of a monthly series.

The difference between this blog and the other places is I'll bring down the reason why some of the songs have appeared on the mix (but not all). The two strangest song choices on this CD are "Forever Young" from Care Bears 2: The New Generation & Home is Where the Heart is from the Disney Afternoon. This is almost strictly because since deciding that I am going to move in the near future both of those songs have been running through my head. Although not strictly due to their lyrical content (although it's part of it) those songs hold a very special nostalgic spot in my heart.

As for the Micky & Mitch song from A Mighty Wind, I had recently re-watched the movie. While all the songs in that movie are funny, that one is legitimately beautiful. I slightly broke one of Nick Hornby's rules of mixtapes (never two songs by the artist) I got around that by including the live version of Blaster the Rocket Man's best song "Frankenstien's Monster Needs a Wife" as well as the wonderfully bizarre Calibretto cover of their hit song "Lost in Space (I'm Only Humanoid)".

The Leftovers are my newest obsession. Jonathan London played them for me while I was in LA and I haven't been able to stop listening to their 2009 album Eager to Please. If you enjoy "Get out of my Head" I highly recommend purchasing the whole album.

Finally Nirvana's "Serve the Servants". It's easy to crap on Kurt Cobain for being a weak guitar player and terrible vocalist/song-writer. While I definitely agree with the poor song writing of Nevermind (Cobain even admitted to just going into the studio and making up words on the spot just to fit the melodies) when they recorded In Utereo he actually wrote down lyrics that reflected on his career ("Teenage angst has paid off well/now I'm bored and old"), the relationship of the press & his wife ("if she floats then she is not/a witch like we thought") & his relationship with his parents ("I tried hard to have a father but instead I had a dad"). The song is the most clear song Nirvana has every released, which is to say it actually makes sense.

Here's the Full Track List:
1. Palmdale - Afroman
2. It Must Be Wonderful - Outer Circle
3. A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow - Micky & Mitch
4. Forever Young - Care Bears 2
5. Get Out of My Head - The Leftovers
6. Bohemian Like you - The Dandy Warhols
7. Last Nite - The Strokes
8. Serve the Servants - Nirvana
9. Out of my Head - Fastball
10. Just a Gigalo - David Lee Roth
11. Fairytale of New York - No Use for A Name
12. Packing Blankets - Eels
13. Masonic - Craig's Brother
14. Lunch for the Sky - Socratic
15. pw/om - mc chris
16. Frankenstien's Monster Needs a Wife (live) - Blaster the Rocket Man
17. Home is where the Heart is - Disney Afternoon
18. Once in a Lifetime - Talking Heads
19. We Rule the School - Belle & Sebastian
20. Social Disease - Elton John
21. Lazy Boy Dash - Jimmie's Chicken Shack
22. Lost in Space (I'm only Humanoid) - Calibretto

Links to download:
Rapidshare Link:

MediaFire Link:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Battle Continues

A few days ago I told of my heroic battle against Satan in disguise as a corporate fat-cat. Well I've got some disturbing news to report. This morning I walked into my basement to find this note attached to my laptop written in blood. It simply read:

"The dialogue is completely bias, one sided and written to make author Matt Kelly look like a victim." ....yeah, sounds about right.

And yes, I can take a joke. In fact, the real irony is that the blog post was way funnier than the video. I'd run it on the channel.


Your Favorite Evil Corporate Douchebag

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (this last part wasn't written but I assume it IS satan and i tend to think he always laughs long, loud and hard after saying his name)

I immediately ran outside to check where I buried the body. Sure enough the hole was there and empty. I was foolish to think that I could defeat Satan. I would like to discuss part of his note.

the blog post was way funnier than the video

yes... the blog post was funny... because I am a funny fucker. The video however is not funny, because it wasn't suppose to be. This point is moot. But no more battling between SATAN for at long last... UNDERCOVER GEEK EPISODE 1 IS HERE! So please, watch comment and share with your friends. Episode 2 will be up next month!

Undercover Geek Episode 1: The CosPlayers from PowerDownProductions on Vimeo.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Family in the eyes of a 24 year old

What is family? Let's break it down for me...

Your Parents - It's been common to say that "Dad's influence the boys" and "mother's influence the girls"; I don't agree. In my experience, both work as a unit, my father has definitely influenced parts of me while my mother has influenced other traits. I think both heavily influence who I am and if neither was there; I wouldn't be the person I am.

Siblings - A big part of being a sibling from oldest to youngest is the frustration and fighting. Words are always sad, most of the time, you feel bad, sometimes you don't. Despite how hurtful you can sometimes be, it's always with love.

Aunts, Uncles & Cousins; OH MY - I have cousins... and I am a cousin. I'm not an aunt nor an uncle... to my knowledge. If it's me, I feel like most people in any family always feel like the odd person out; and you can't help but wonder if the family would care if you disappear;. but regardless what part of the puzzle you are be it the drunk, the helpful one, the talented one, the fuck up, the loud mouth, the cook, the comforter... you're still important to the puzzle, when you're missing everyone takes note of it.

Grandparents Every grandparent in every family is different. Some are racist, some are mean, some can tell boring stories, some can be bizarre, some give you candy... but sometimes; if you're really lucky. You're blessed with interesting people, who will be the most important and impactful people in your life... I was lucky to have that 4 times over.

YOU - Figuring out what you are in your family is the most impossible aspect of family. You could ask each family member and you'll get a different answer; Brother, Son, Cousin, Godson, Nephew, Niece, Daughter, Husband, Grandfather, Wife, Mother, Father, Daughter, Aunt, Uncle, Goddaughter. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter... you've got a family... that's what's the important part of you.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Facing down the (corporate) Giants

So this weekend I was planning to post a link to a podcast I had produced with a few friends called Undercover Geek. The episode was shot at Wizard World Philadelphia and it would have been part of a 3 part series of interviews with COS-players. It clocked in at just under 22 minutes but alas the website that was going to host it backed out last second. I'm going to try to find a new host or host it myself in the coming weeks so that y'all can view it. Now why did this evil giant conglomeration decide that no one deserved a chance to see Undercover geek? Well... I'll tell you in a script!

Script inspired by real events. The actual dialogue is one hundred percent fictional. The dialogue is completely bias, one sided and written to make author Matt Kelly look like a victim... it's also written to be funny so get over yourself if you're offended. Also it's too hard to do this is a proper script format so deal with how it looks. For the sake of anonymity the part of *name not shown* will be listed as ECDB (Evil Corporate Douche Bag)

Matt & ECDB sit at the computer watching Undercover Geek. The Video ends and Matt smiles and looks at ECDB

MATT: So.... what did you think?

ECDB: We can't show this pile of shit to our audience

MATT: Pile of Shit? It's not that ba...

ECDB: There's nothing here Matt! It's 22 minutes of Arie talking to losers in costumes and none of it is funny, well maybe the Mario one was chuckle worthy... but you could have had more fun with it!

MATT: You mean like make fun of the COSplayers? That was the opposite of what we wanted to do! We wanted to hear these people's stories! We think they're extremely nice! I think it's cool that Dr. Horrible is a High School Teacher or that The ?uestion met his girlfriend at another convention. It's human interest!

ECDB: But does it need to be so long?

MATT: It's a podcast!

ECDB: Yes but nobody wants to watch a video for 22 minutes!

MATT: iTunes would disagree!

ECDB: Well that's iTunes. This is a youtube channel. No one wants to watch videos more than a minute.

MATT: Well, Hulu exists strictly because people DID want to watch 22 minute TV shows on youtube!

ECDB: Yes but those were established TV shows, no one goes to youtube for new shows

MATT: They watched The Guild

ECDB: What's that?

MATT: It's a very popular web-series

ECDB: How popular could it be if I've never heard of it, hmmmm?

MATT sighes

ECDB: I mean seriously Matt. This is so grainy and low-quality, no one is going to want to watch this!

MATT: Well what about the Numa Numa Guy? Or Afro Ninja? Pretty much every viral video was grainy and low-quality

ECDB: Yes but that was the old, the new generation wants top quality HD videos! if you don't give them that they won't watch! Matt, you don't seem to understand... this company is about bringing instant viral sensations to the internet. I've done studies, they're always short, funny and have a "you gotta see this" quality. You're video lacks all three.

MATT: Maybe we don't want to be a Viral Sensation! Maybe we just want these people's stories to be told! Plus you can't go out there a CREATE a viral sensation. They happen by accident, over long periods of time. That crazy drummer guys video was on youtube for like 4 years before anyone noticed! Why not take a chance and put the video up? If people don't like it they don't like!

ECDB: I know people don't like it. No one would like this garbage.

MATT: Why not give your audience a chance? Let them decide for themselves!

ECDB: Our audience is too stupid to know any better!

ECDB pulls off his face and reveals himself to be Satan himself!


MATT grabs a kitchen knife and stabs Satan in the heart repeatedly until he dies. SATAN then turns back into ECDB

MATT: if you won't host my video, you won't host ANYBODIES video


So yea.... I guess I'm pretty fucking heroic. I killed Satan and buried him in my backyard to give the people of the World the option to see a variety of videos instead of the same one-note nonsense some youtube channels think that you want to see. I'll get hard at work trying to find a place to put the episode up, until then... patience.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Matt Kelly on the Web (August 3rd Edition)

If you need a fix of Matt Kelly I wrote an article for ranker about the 10 TV shows Not on DVD but should be!, appeared on episode 172 of Geekscape and co-hosts episodes 57 and 58 of Celluloid-Freaks.