Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 Movies of Halloween: The Thing

Every day this week I've been reviewing different horror films.


I don’t know why, but remakes definitely sucked less in the 80’s. For whatever reason directors felt comfortable doing their own thing with the source material while sticking to the general story. Of course the films they were remaking were also a good 30/40 years old.

The Thing typically is people’s go to for best horror remake (or The Fly). It’s easy to see why, the original Thing From Another World is enjoyable but tame at best. John Carpenter took a terrifying concept, blended in a good dose of gore and special effects and created one of the most claustrophobic pieces of cinema ever.

We have an alien that shape-shifts. Who can be trusted? This film has all the eerie atmosphere and bad ass transformation sequences a gore hound could ask for, but it also has the suspense and acting quality to make it a classic.

The Thing is a forever classic piece of 80’s horror and while it’s great, The Blob is still my favorite remake of the 80’s.

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