Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 Movies of Halloween: Monster Squad

Every day this month I'm watching and reviewing some of my favorite horror movies. Enjoy!


I don’t remember the first time that I saw Monster Squad. The reason I don’t remember it is because by the time I was 10 I probably watched this movie somewhere in the realm of 50 times. I loved this movie. It ranks as one of my top 10 movies of all time.

Monster Squad tells the tale of a group of elementary school students obsessed with horror movies. When all of Universal’s classic monsters begin to attack their town, they’re the only hope the town has.

The film is written and directed by Fred Dekker, a talented filmmaker who had a career so sure it’s a legitimately a travesty. The writing is brilliant, the dialogue top-notch, but the star of the show is Stan Winston’s creature effects.

For years I’d watch this movie and wish that they’d take Stan Winston’s desire of the Creature from the Black Lagoon and do a remake with it. The film didn’t do well in theaters but has a gigantic cult following. There’s even rumors of a remake (shiver) from Disney (groan).

Whether you’re 10 or 60, there’s so much to like about Monster Squad I recommend it for everyone

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