Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 Movies of Halloween: House That Dripped Blood

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I love Anthology horror films. Creepshow for instance is one of the finest horror films ever made, furthermore I love Tales From the Crypt (if you couldn’t tell from my Guilty Pleasures column on Bordello of Blood). House that Drips Blood is another classic Anthology horror film.

I got this film originally as a joke. One of my all time films is a movie called Freaked. In it they mention a newspaper article about the House that Dripped Blood (to which everyone inn the film goes Ewwwwwww), so when I found a film with the same title, I felt like I had to own it. I was pleasantly surprised to find it a film with such great british actors like Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee).

The stories are all tied around a single house and the stories of horror that happened to past tenants. One tenant (a horror writer) is haunted by visions of the murderous psychopath from his newest novel. The next tenant was fixated with a local wax museum. A Widower (played by Christopher Lee) is tortured by his daughter and her voodoo doll and the newest tenant, film actor Paul Henderson has gone missing while filming a vampire movie.

I won’t ruin the major twists but I will say that some of the segments borrow from classic horror movies meanwhile other segments could have easily been lifted for films in the 80’s and 90’s. Regardless it’s a quality film with a nice and well deserved cult following.

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