Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Movies of Halloween: Terror Train

I plan on watching 31 Horror movies this month and giving you a review everyday. ENJOY!

Three years later all the frat members are throwing a costume party on a train (as people in the 80’s typically did). Someone is killing people on this train and then stealing their kick ass costumes (talk about adding insult to injury). The train also has the magician Ken (performed by David Copperfield) to entertain the crowd. I have to say, magic in a movie really makes the illusion much less impressive.

I don’t think I’m ruining anything when I say that the killer turns out being Kenny. Who is he in disguise as while moving throughout the movie, I’m going to leave that a secret so you can still enjoy that some awesome twist. I will say that the death of Kenny (spoiler alert: he dies) is one of the most brutal endings to any slasher.

This is one of my favorite 80’s slasher films. What’s a shame is director Roger Spottiswoode is ashamed of this movie. I mean this guy directed Stop! or my mom will shoot and the 6th Day... yet this is film is his redheaded stepchild?

Now it’s a slasher film so obviously this isn’t an oscar worthy film, but I admire it’s focus on suspense over gore. It has fun with it’s premise even though it’s very aware that it’s a dumb premise. It’s hard to not side with the killer for the most part though, that prank was so beyond evil that they deserve to be terrorized (maybe not murdered but revenge is revenge).

The girls in the film are the sluttiest I’ve ever seen in a horror movie. This says ALOT because we’re talking about a SLASHER movie.

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