Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 Movies of Halloween: Sublime

Every day this month I've watched a horror movie and reviewed it. Enjoy. We're almost done


I’ve covered a bunch of movies this month. Some that are awful, some so bad that they’re good, some that are just plain good movies. Some have been unsettling, some have been laughable and some were atmospheric. But Sublime was the only one that emotionally fucked me up. Much like Jaws made millions of people afraid of the water, Sublime confirmed my fear of hospitals.

George Grieves checks into the hospital for a simple colonoscopy however confusion and a mixed up chart leads to him having a sympahectomy instead. George keeps experiencing weird nighmarish things in the hospital and realizes that he’s in a coma and he’s being haunted by his subconscious and his worst fears. It’s on going battle between George wanting to get out of his nightmare world and George’s family trying to decide if they should take him off life support.

Sublime is best compared to the equally nightmarish Johnny Got His Gun. Neither film is a 5 star masterpiece but it will still fuck you up in a big way. The acting, the strange feeling of the hospital and realistic horror all lead to movie that will terrify you on a mental and emotional level more than just a simple jump scare.

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