Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Movies of Halloween: Return to Horror High

All month I'm watching and reviewing 31 Horror movies, Enjoy!

In the mid-90’s I only knew George Clooney as the worst Batman. In the 2000’s I knew him as one of the best actors of the decade, but in the 80’s he was just a sitcom star who appeared in various B-horror movies. Return to Horror High he plays the sexy lead of a film who dies pretty quickly.

Return to Horror High is ridiculous, for starters, it sounds like a sequel. However it’s not, the concept is 5 years ago a series of murders and disappearances occurred. A film company wants to make a movie about it and shoot at the school where all these murders occurred. While filming they’re murdered one by one.

The ‘twist’ is beyond absurd. In fact in a matter of 10 minute there are 6 twists and I don’t want to ruin a single one haha.

The death scenes are entertaining enough, you’ll find yourself laughing and really enjoying the tongue in cheek humor. Recommended for fans of mildly meta horror comedies (In the same vein as Student Bodies)

When Matt Kelly isn't blogging he's producing his own podcast, writing for and tweeting. He wants to return to horror high but can't afford the tuition.

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