Monday, October 24, 2011

31 Movies of Halloween: Mr. Brooks

Every Day I watch a different horror movie and post a review. I hope you enjoy.


This film was almost immediately the butt of jokes. Kevin Costner has made a pretty large amount of poor film choices the last decade. The exception is Mr. Brooks. The Jokes were always ‘A horror movie for your grandparents”. While the film is tame in violence it’s very big in story.

Mr. Brooks (Costner) is a rich powerful business man, who also happens to be a serial killer. He has an imaginary ID called Marshall (William Hurt) that drives him to kill. One day however peeping tom Mr. Smith (Dane Cook) gets photos of him murdering a couple while they’re making love. Smith claims he won’t turn Brooks in so long as he takes him on his next murder.

The film has so many different influences. It could very easily have been inspired by Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter books (to a certain extent) as well as films like Man Bites Dog and American Psycho. Despite all the elements of other films you can find the movie still works perfectly as it’s own independent film.

The film did modestly at the box office and received mediocre reviews, but it’s worth visiting or revisiting.

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