Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Movies of Halloween: The Stuff

Halloween is my favorite holiday, in honor of that this month I'm going to watch an review a different movie each day.


80’s horror is full of b-movie greats. The 80’s gave us such low-budget horror masterminds like Stuart Gordon, Lloyd Kaufman and Charles

Band. Right up there with the rest of the guys writing, directing and producing their own films on micro-budgets was Larry Cohen. The man

behind such films as It’s Alive and Maniac Cop, but to this day his masterpiece remains a little horror-comedy from 1985 called THE STUFF

Bubbling out of the group comes a white substance. Unsanitary or not, it tastes delicious. It gets packed and marketed immediately under the

name The Stuff. Soon all other ice cream companies are going bankrupt. They hire David Mo Rutherford to find out what’s up with the stuff

With the ad of a young boy named Jason, An advertising executive named Nicole and the infamous food mogul Chocolate Chip Charlie soon

discover the Stuff’s horrible secret.

Made around the same time as Street Trash and Body Melt this film doesn’t have the same goretastic effects and jumps, but it does have a much

more engrossing story. Regardless all three films are highly recommended.

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