Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 Movies of Halloween: May

Over the next 31 Days I'll be watching and reviewing a horror movie. ENJOY!


When a movie starts with the titular character with her hand covering her bleeding eyeball, you get a general feeling that this movie isn’t going to end well.

May is a strange girl. She was born with a lazy eye which lead to her being friendless, with the exception of the doll Suzie that her mom made. She works for a vet but still lives alone. She develops an obsessive crush on Adam an auto body require shop employee who works near her job. Meanwhile May’s lesbian co-worker Polly continues to be increasingly flirtier with her at work.

Adam and May start to date, mostly to Adam’s interest in how weird she is. Eventually though, her weirdness becomes too much for Adam to handle and he leaves her. May eventually snaps. She concludes none of her friends are real friends, she doesn’t like them, only parts of them.

May uses her knowledge of doll making to create a human doll out of their body parts.

May sounds like it should be an absurd movie. In the wrong hands it could very easily have ended up in the Troma library (where I’d probably still love it) but writer/director Lucky McGee does a wonderful job with the subject matter. Furthermore Angela Bettis’ performance as May makes us sympathize with her.

Lucky packs this film with symbolism and subtext and lets the horror creep up slowly on you instead of a murder every 10 minutes. It’s a painfully underwatched and under appreciated film that should have been considered a classic by now, but still is not.

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