Monday, December 9, 2013

25 DVDs of Christmas - Day 9. Community "Intro to Knots" (Season 4: Episode 10)

Season 4 of Community was a bit of a disappointment. Without Dan Harmon there was definitely something missing. While there were good moments and good episodes none of them were as entertaining as any of the previous seasons. That being said I still enjoyed season 4's christmas episode (despite not being nearly as good as the claymation or Glee christmas episodes)

The backdrop of this episode is the gang gathering for a party. Annie has discovered they failed their history paper and they work together to kidnap their professor and try to get a pass grade out of it.

It contains various other stories including Chang being a spy, Dean living next door to Jeff and everyone bringing gifts to the party except Jeff.

If you already like community you've seen this episode, if you've never seen community this is not a good starting episode.

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