Monday, December 16, 2013

25 DVDs of Christmas - Day 16. Silent Night, Deadly Night

It's been a while since I covered another Horror Christmas film. Silent Night, Deadly Night is definitely the most notorious slasher film of the 80's. Sure it's not as popular as Freddy or Jason, sure there were a handful of Christmas horror films before this one, but this one created massive panics across the US. Mothers protested for the film to be pulled and for a few years it was banned in 48 states (according to the cover of the VHS tape I purchased).

What's particularly ironic is that the movie itself is noting more than okay. It has a decent psychological element, a handful of good deaths, a bizarre rape sequence and plenty of boobs but it's nothing better or worse than other films of the same year. If it wasn't for the controversy it'd probably have been forgotten and maybe we'd have been spared it's 3 unwatchable sequels (I'm actually a huge fan of part 5: The Toy Maker). 

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