Saturday, December 21, 2013

25 DVDs of Christmas - Day 21. Muppet Christmas Carol

Leave it to the muppets to make the most faithful adaptation of Charles Dickens novel while packing it with comedy, puppets and musical numbers.

This is best remembered for being the first project from Henson Productions after Jim Henson's death. It was based on an idea for Jim shortly after selling the Muppets to Disney. It's funny because while watching this there was so much I wanted to say and now all I want to say is go watch it!

I do want to call out one particular thing though, the song When Love is Gone. The song was cut from the theatric release for being too sad and serious for a kids movie. If you get the DVD watch the Extended cut, not only is the song beautiful but contains one of the best performance moments from Michael Caine as he sings along. The way in which he sings implies that while watching this moment from his past he is slowly remembering the exact words Belle said to him when she left him. It is simply heartbreaking.

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