Friday, December 6, 2013

25 DVDs of Christmas: Day 6. A Claymation Christmas

When I was a little kid my aunt made me a VHS tape of all the Christmas specials that aired that year. I would watch it all year round. It's part of why I love Christmas so much. Many of the things I'll discuss over the next couple days I first saw on that video, this being the first one I've mentioned from it.

No one could have predicted how massively popular the California Raisins would end up being. I remember I had tons of Raisin memorabilia including toys and the Meet the Raisins TV Special on VHS. So of course my aunt figured I'd enjoy this special.

As a kid I always loved the California Raisins and We Three Kings segment. But as I've grown up I've realized that the two segments I found most boring (Oh Christmas Tree and Joy to the world) are visually the most impressing.

This special may no longer come on TV every year, but I certainly watch it every year.

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