Tuesday, December 3, 2013

25 DVDs of Christmas - Day 3. Scrubs "My Own Personal Jesus" (season 1 episode 11)

This is the first of what will be a few random TV show Christmas Specials to pop up on this list. The first season of Scrubs is basically a blueprint of doing a successful Dramedy. While the first few episodes are funny right away in episode 4 they slam you with "My Old Lady" one of the most beautifully sad episodes of any comedy series out there.

A few months later they hit us with this lovely Christmas special. While many TV Christmas specials have some issue a character must overcome Scrubs goes that extra level of making one of our beloved characters Turk struggling with his faith. Turk is a faithful christian in the beginning of this episode and fills the hospital with christmas cheer. However his love of the season (and belief in God) is destroyed when he works Christmas Eve and has to deal with lots of death and pain and sadness.

While he is depressed, fellow doctor Elliot Reed is panicked when she is rude to a young girl named Meredith who is 9 months pregnant. Meredith disappears shortly afterwards and Elliot is terrified she did something drastic. It's only when Turk suddenly knows where Meredith is and is able to help her deliver the baby that his faith is restored.

This episode continues to show Scrubs' amazing way that they were able to blend sincere drama and laugh out loud comedy while being able to remain grounded in reality.

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