Sunday, December 15, 2013

25 DVDs of Christmas - Day 15. Chuck "Versus Crown Vic" (Season 1: Episode 11)

I never watched Chuck before this week. It all started the week before Thanksgiving when the show came up in conversation. My friend and I were recording a podcast and he mentioned that I reminded him of Chuck. He then began to explain the show and it sounded interesting.

Flash forward to Black Friday and the first season was $7.99 so I figured it was worth giving a shot. I immediately fell in love with the show. Now here's the tough part about discussing this episode. I want to avoid spoilers for people who've never seen this cult show and this episode is kinda the middle of a story arch, so I'm gonna do my best summarize without spoiling much.

First... breaking down the premise. Chuck is basically a Geek Squad member (they call it Nerd Herd), through a random email his brain basically downloads every government secret ever. He now must help the CIA solve various cases with his knowledge of everything. As a cover a sexy secret agent named Sarah poses as his girlfriend. Chuck has feelings for her (and it's implied she feels the same). There's three story arches in this episode.

Story 1: Chuck and Sarah trying to find an international counterfeiter

Story 2: Chuck's geeky best friend Morgan meeting his girlfriend Anna's parents for the first time ever.

Story 3: The planning of the annual Nerd Herd Holiday Party.

All 3 of these stories tie themselves together quite nicely.

Not much to say about Christmas in this episode (beyond the usual time spent with friends), I just recommend watching the show.

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