Sunday, July 28, 2013

Self Observational Sunday: Studio Days

I recently bought a VCR and hooked it up to my TV. I've been working my way through stacks of old VHS tapes and came across the old TV Studio memory tapes. I was struck with sadness when watching them.

You see, TV Studio wasn't like other clubs on campus. While other clubs involved having a shared interest in things Studio went further than that. I can't say this for EVERYONE but most of us joined the studio because we had an intense love of film to the point that it kinda separated us from other normal people.

Studio wasn't just a club it was almost like a second family. I'd get up early and be in the school an hour before school started setting up the cameras and getting things ready for the show. We'd eat lunch in the  studio and after school we'd hang out. Sometimes we'd film a short intro, sometimes we'd watch TV, sometimes we'd kick around a hacky sack... but very rarely did we go home at the end of 7th period.

We'd tape events so we'd have dinner together, we went of field trips, we entered (and won) film festivals and on weekends I'd even hang out with people form the studio.

What made me upset while watching these is that I realized that despite the fact that I hung out with these people 5+ days a week, I haven't seen 95% of them in a decade. If it wasn't for the studio, High School would have been a different experience (and not a memorable one).

Somedays growing up sucks.

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