Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Latest Obsession: SR-71

If you are a child of the 90's/early 2000's you know SR-71. However you probably just know them as a one-hit wonder that provided us with the song Right Now (also known as that song in every teen flick of 2001). I know a lot of people were let down by the rest of their debut Now You See Inside, however I was a huge fan right off the bat, mostly driven by Mitch Allen's vocals.

However SR-71 kinda disappeared into obscurity as quickly as they appeared (except for that song which I still hear pop up in various movies). They continued to be relatively popular in Japan and released their final album only in Japan (until a few years ago when it was made available on iTunes). This album "Here We Go Again" is what I want to discuss as it's the album I'm most obsessed with/their best record.

Right off the bat this album has their most famous song. I'm not talking about Right Now I'm talking about 1985 (made famous by Bowling For Soup). I still prefer the original Bowling For Soup's version for the music and melody but SR-71's original (released the same year) has better lyrics. (for your listening pleasure)

However the stand out track for me is Axl Rose. Similarly to 1985 it deals with someone's struggles with accepting that the 80's are long gone. It's worth tracking down a copy of the album on Amazon and/or iTunes and check it out!

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