Tuesday, July 9, 2013

100 Albums That Made Me Love Music: 30. Panic At The Disco: Pretty. Odd.

30. Panic At The Disco: Pretty. Odd.

When I was just starting college the world was introduced to Panic at the Disco. It was like Fall Out Boy but more theatric and weird. At the time I didn’t really think much of them. They had one or two songs I heard and thought were okay but I didn’t go running to the local CD store to purchase it or anything.

Flash forward to 2008. One of my best friends Matt was in a local band called Racing Kites. They had just completed a month long tour and he was telling me how much I’d like the new Panic at the Disco album. I was doubtful but he kept describing it to me as “a Beatles album”. I still didn’t believe him.

Now around this same time I got into the video game Rock Band (admittedly way later than the rest of the world) and I was exposed to “Nine in the Afternoon” for the first time. And dammit. Not only was it catchy but there was an undeniable Beatles influence behind it. The next time I was in Matt’s car I asked if he could put it on.

I was immediately drawn in. Songs like We’re So Starving and She’s a Handsome Woman had a unique sound of Beatles meets punk. But not just in sound lyrically songs like Do You Know What I’m Seeing could have been a B-Side off Sgt. Peppers.

This album suddenly changed my mind entirely about Panic at the Disco as a band. Ever since hearing Pretty. Odd. I’ve always given bands a genuine chance before immediately writing them off.

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