Sunday, July 21, 2013

Self Observational Sunday: Goin' Down to South Park

So this week I decided to rewatch South Park. I haven't watched the first season since I bought it on DVD roughly 5 years ago. There's a two things I noticed upon watching these first 13 episodes.

1. It's a VERY different show than what the show is now. The first season was 90% shock with 10% social commentary. These days South Park is a brilliant social commentary that occasionally shocks but these days is simply seen as satire. For this reason a few of the episodes don't hold the same comedic weight I remember them having when I was younger... but I still laugh, a lot.

2.  The funniest parts in the DVD are the introductions Matt and Trey do before each episode. Half of the segments are them sitting by a fire and the other half are them on an old-timey western show (including scratched up film). These segments (for the most part) are overly clean and purposely lame ("A hoot and a holler" gets said about 10 times). It was during this that I realized how brilliant Matt and Trey truly are.

When South Park came out I was in Jr. High. Even though I didn't watch South Park religiously at the time, I knew who Matt and Trey were. Not only that, I knew what they looked like. That's incredible. I was in late high school before I figured out what Matt Groening looked like and I don't think I figured out who Mike Judge actually was until a year or two ago (I could name all his projects but he could stand next to me in an elevator and I'd have been clueless).

Matt and Trey (while being most famous for South Park) managed to make sure that they can exist without it (and proved their abilities to do so with the popularity of Team America and Book of Mormon).

Maybe I'll keep a running commentary as I rewatch all the seasons, but I'm not positive.

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