Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Latest Obsession: Dead Like Me

Now I've seen Dead Like Me previously. However for whatever reason it wasn't until I rewatched this past month that I truly appreciated it for what it was. I've always enjoyed Bryan Fuller's TV shows (Although I haven't see Hannibal yet) but until a month ago Wonderfalls was without argument my favorite of his shows.

However, sitting down and rewatching his Showtime Series (which he left after 5 episodes) I picked a new favorite (ironically the one he had the least input in and liked the least). The true success story behind this show is casting. If anyone else played these characters it'd fail (the direct-to-DVD movie proved this).

If you've never seen this show before try to track it down. It's funny, sad and dramatic all at once. There are few shows that blend dark comedy with sincerity so greatly (but don't watch the movie unless you ABSOLUTELY feel like you HAVE to... but prepare to be let down).

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