Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Goosebumps Part 1 - 1. Welcome to the Dead House

So here we are. 31 days days of the first 31 Goosebumps. This is part one. Next October I’ll complete the Goosebumps series (only 62 books super convenient). Some of these books I’ve read previously and remember, others I read previously and forgot and finally there’s ones like Welcome to the Dead House that I’m confident I never read at all.

The story follows Josh and Amanda. Their parents have moved them to a strange new town called Dark Falls (name is a big tip-off that you should move). The town seems totally deserted (Tip-Off #2) and their dog Petey is acting weird (seriously, why are you still here?). Amanda is convinced that she keeps seeing people inside the house but her family continues to remind her that she’s clearly bat shit insane.

Josh and Amanda decide to give Dark Falls a shot and quickly befriend all the local kids despite them all being fairly weird. Eventually they find their way into the graveyard and realize all their new friends died years ago. They also all used to live in that house (now called the Dead House). Every year they need to kill a family to feed and survive.

Obviously Josh and Amanda’s family escapes with not much of a twist like you’d expect a Goosebumps book to end with. 

All in all it was a good quick read that held my attention. Not much to say about it though.

THE GOOD: The book kept my attention and in general had a decent enough storytelling for a children’s book. Plus they kill the family dog which I was shocked to read.

THE BAD: The twist you can see from a mile away, although I’m reading that from the perspective of someone who’s 26.

THE TV SHOW EPISODE: This episode isn’t terrible. They made Josh super obnoxious and they definitely took their liberties with the story. In general I liked the changes that they made. It lead to a pretty solid episode, specifically for Children’s television. I’d love to see an “adult” version of this story with better acting and special effects.

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