Thursday, September 27, 2012

100 Movies That Make Me Love FIlm: 62. Donnie Darko


I rented Donnie Darko on a recommendation of a friend. I watched it with my 2nd girlfriend one night. It was actually a double feature with Rules of Attraction (as mentioned previously). We were completely captivated by the film’s bizarre imagery and beautiful ending.

Since I try to keep my write ups spoiler free this is going to be a weird movie to write about it. The film is definitely something to discuss but mostly based on the ending which lends itself to multiple interruptions. Too keep things relatively spoiler free I’ll just say that Donnie Darko is a time-travel film about personal sacrifice as well as one person’s influence on society as a whole.

Richard Kelly exploded across the indie film circuit with this movie, however as his career as continued to be disappointing (to say the least) you almost have to wander was this a fluke?

The answer is yes and no. If you watch the director’s cut which contains multiple extra scenes that basically say “aliens did it” you realize the real star of this movie was the editor.

Donnie Darko works the less that you know. Too much information kills the film and Richard Kelly loves to put too much information in all of his films. 

Regardless of the failings of some of Kelly’s future films he taps into some great messages (specifically regarding the school’s english teachers) and has some great Kevin Smith-y dialogue moments (The Smurfs comes to mind)

If you’ve never seen the film, it’s worth examining but avoid the director’s cut until you’ve seen the original. Even then I’d recommend avoiding it unless you’re INSANELY curious about what Kelly was “trying” to say.

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