Friday, October 12, 2012

31 Days of Goosebumps Part 1 - 12. Be Careful What You Wish For

Spoiler Alert. I hated this book. I genuinely hated every page of it. 

The book follows Samantha Byrd who is the biggest klutz at school. Her life is only made more miserable by Judith. Judith is a bully to Sam constantly making references to her being a bird. After being picked on one to many times Sam promises revenge and she gets her wish.

Samantha in an act of kindness helps a strange girl named Clarissa find her way. She is given 3 wishes and in the fashion of The Monkey’s Paw the wishes get twisted and end poorly. This is because Samantha is an idiot. When given a chance to put things right again she decides that simply wishing for “Everything to go back to normal” that it’s important to add on “except that Judith thinks I’m the greatest person ever.”

You’d think after the 2 previous wish misfires she’d just want things back to normal and not to worry about vengence anymore. When this doesn’t work out Clarissa appears one more time giving her an extra wish to fix everything. Samantha AGAIN wishes not just “I wish I never met you” but instead adds “that Judith found you instead”.

Then Samantha eats and earthworm and flies away while Judith smiles at the success of her first wish being granted.

THE BAD: Everything. This book was infuriating in every way. I hated Samantha more than even Judith. This book took me longer to read than any other Goosebumps book thus far because I simply COULD NOT get myself to care about it.

THE GOOD: The last like 3 paragraphs where you realize that Samantha has been turned into a bird. That was the only thing I enjoy moderately.

Episode doesn't exist on YouTube... track this garbage down yourself

THE TV SHOW EPISODE: I hated this book so much I genuinely considered not tracking down the episode. But I did anyway because my 5 or 6 readers trust me to be honest. The acting isn’t as awful as other episodes but the story is just so insanely unbearable. I can’t even understand why they made this book into an episode except for the minimal amount of special effects it required.

FUN FACT: apparently Troy Steele of Blogger Beware thinks this is the best Goosbumps book. I think he’s a fool.

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