Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 Days of Goosebumps Part 1 - 23. The Return of the Mummy

It’s no secret that I disliked Book 5: the Curse of the Mummy; The Return of the Mummy is no different. I don’t think it’s R.L. Stine though, I just don’t like Mummy stories.

Much like the previous Mummy book there’s very little ‘supernatural’ aspects to the book until the very end where the mummy rises. In fact most of the book is just about kids at a dig with their uncle. I won’t lie this book took me longer to read than any other Goosebump tale so far because I was just so bored by it.

Gabe (from book 5) has returned to Egypt to visit his cousin Sari and Uncle Ben. His uncle is digging up a new tomb and Gabe is excited to be there. Also on the expedition is Ben’s assistant Dr. Fleming and a reporter from the Cairo Sun Nila.

In the end it turns out that Nila is actually the dead Prince (now mummy’s) long lost sister come to raise her brother. However her brother enjoys his eternal slumber and attacks her. She turns into a scrab and runs off. Gabe saves the day (until the next Mummy book)

THE BAD: There’s nothing boring about this book, it’s just dull. I don’t like Mummy stories in general so this ALWAYS feels like a chore when I have to read them. 

THE GOOD: This is lame to say but I really dug the cover on this one. Probably one of my all time favorite covers.

THE TV SHOW EPISODE: So they never did an episode for Curse of the Mummy and just did Return of the mummy. They did a good job of making this adaptation make sense without having to change too much. It’s not a terrible episode really (except that the kids voice is pretty obnoxious... and yes that is Jason from Mean Girls).

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