Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 Days of Goosebumps Part 1 - Book 18. Monster Blood II

Here it is the first of what would be quite a few sequels to Stine’s Monster Blood. As I said when reviewing the previous Monster Blood entry, I don’t completely understand why this particular story got so many sequels. I don’t ever remember it being a popular entry in the series amongst my classmates.

Anyway Monster Blood II takes place about 2-3 months after the original book. Evan keeps telling everyone about his summer with Monster Blood (because he’s an idiot) and is constantly being mocked by teachers and classmates who don’t believe him (because they’re sane). 

Once again (much like yesterdays Why I’m Afraid of Bees) Stine writes a bully to insane levels. The teacher/basketball coach Mr. Murphy by all accounts would be fired and sued for allowing the things that happen to Evan to happen without punishment. The most ridiculous being when the main bully Conan shoves Evan into a basketball net or when he gets punished for being late after being shoved and locked into his locker (in front of VARIOUS witnesses).

Everything changes for Evan when Evan’s friend Andy (from the original Monster Blood) arrives with the can of Monster Blood. They feed it to Mr. Murphy’s favorite pet hamster and he grows and grows. Suddenly it’s too big that it might destroy the school. Evan eats some Monster Blood to beat the giant hamster. Then they both return to their regular size for no reason other than that day was the Monster Blood expiration date.

THE BAD: The Bully and Teacher are really over the top in their lack of realism. This book doesn’t live up to how fun I found the original story, also the first 3 chapters’ cliffhangers are all ‘but that was just a dream’ which is a motif Stine uses FAR too often.

THE GOOD: The resolution is actually pretty hilarious when you think about it.

THE TV SHOW EPISODE: None Made For This Episode instead they did an original script where the Monster Blood is loose on an airplane.

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