Friday, October 19, 2012

31 Days of Goosebumps Part 1 - 19. Deep Trouble

Book 19: Deep Trouble

I don’t think there’s any kid in the world that wasn’t at least a little disappointed by this book. The fact is the cover is a straight up lie, which is rare for Goosebumps. Normally the cover has some representation of the central plotline. However for Deep Trouble we have a drawing of a very angry Hammerhead shark sneaking up on a kid in the ocean. 

However that occurs around chapter 10 and is resolved by Chapter 12. The story is actually about Mermaids. Since Goosebumps had a bit of a male demographic I can only assume this cover choice was to sell more books as an adolescent boy (regardless of how big of a Goosebumps fan he is) probably wouldn’t buy a book with a mermaid on the cover.

Billy and his sister Sheena are on their Uncle (Dr. Deep)’s boat. Dr. Deep has been hired to find a mermaid in the local lagoon. Billy finds her and the capture her and put her in a cage. The next night a group of thugs show up and kidnap the mermaid. Dr. Deep, Billy and Sheena free her with the help of her mermaid friends. The next day Billy sneaks out into the lagoon to say goodbye and is attached by a vicious Sea Monster.

THE BAD: The book is pretty dull. Nothing particularly scary or exciting happens. It doesn’t really feel much like a Goosebumps book. Somehow this book got a sequel.

THE GOOD: The ending. The ending is so insanely unexpected and dark despite the light hearted nature of the rest of the story. I love it.

THE TV SHOW EPISODE: This episode had NOTHING to do with the book except for the characters having the same names. According to the Goosebumps Wiki parts of the plot are from Deep Trouble II. I’m not even going to really discuss it here.

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