Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rooting for the Losing Team

So the other day I was reading my favorite website Geekscape and I came upon this fantastic article about Team Edward/Team Jacob (to be read here) but it dawned on me that I don't understand being part of Team Jacob.

I've read the first Twilight book and i've never seen the movies or anything, but I've been told about pieces of it. What I fail to understand is that... Bella ends up with Edward, you know this, I know this... we all know this! Why are people on Team Jacob? This isn't like cheering for the Underdog to pull a surprise win. This is just supporting a failure, it's like watching Titanic and being Team "make it to New York". Sorry, but the boat is still going to fucking sink.

I've never been one for cheering for sports teams, or any teams really, so perhaps that's why I don't understand it. I just feel like people on Team Jacob just sorta pity him... sorta like that really nice guy who just never fully succeeds in getting the girl... it's like Team Duckie. And as I've stated in my past essay It's Sucky being Duckie... I am Duckie... so I guess in theory I'm Jacob. Perhaps I just don't understand people rooting for me.