Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chewbacca will Fuck

I got to sleep on a bed last night. It didn't really change much of the sleep ability. I woke up early and quickly got ready for a very busy day.

The first group of people to visit us was hand down my favorite group. They were a small new web series called "First Edition". It's like the Guild but with comics. I helped them out by handing out flyers and screaming such things as "First Edition: it's not directed by M. Night Shamalyan" and "First Edition: Funnier than Avatar". It seems that my random catchphrase made the writers and crew laugh. Afterwards they asked me if I was planning to move to LA because they want me to be apart of the show, to what extent I will say when it happens, but for now, I'm just going to say this. My planned move to LA has been moved up from August to January (so long as I can afford it).

We had equally awesome signers ranging from Wrestler Paul London, Tommy Wisseu, the animators for Metalacolypse & Venture Brothers, among other guests. The star of the show came when Porn Star Evan Stone & Director of Batman XXX Axel Bruan came and pissed off half the people and made others love us. At our booth we also announced the next project will be the most expensive porno ever made "Star Wars XXX in 3D". According to the Director... "yes, chewbacca will fuck"

After wards we went to dinner with and came back to the hotel room where Jonathan asked me to shave his back... no lie... man, starting to rethink this move to LA.

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  1. Matt! So sorry that we didn't get to have dinner while you were here. Things got hectic. I'm really happy you'll be coming out here sooner though! If you need a place to crash give me a call - we're like an hour and a half from LA. :)

    - Hannah