Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mayhem baby it starts from the Baby

Day 2 there's not much to report. I spent the whole day at the booth but I did end up hanging out with the creators and actors of the fan film Batman: City of Scars. They were pretty cool, the movie was extremely well made and the actor who played Joker is apparently up for a role in Toxic Avenger V.

The following group were the writer and artist for hack/slash. They were really nice and funny guys. Definitely check out their comics. They were followed by Ivan Brandon from Image who was a cool but quiet guy & the creators of DangerKatt who was the coolest and nicest dudes ever.

We met a lot of cool people that just came to the booth including two guys who made a series of short films featuring Neil Patrick Harris, Penn & Teller as well as Kirk Cameron. I'll have their website up some time later.

I will vent that I'm doing a pretty decent job saving cash here by spending it wisely, except for one mistake, today I just couldn't deal with wandering the streets of San Diego looking for cheap food, so I paid for it in the convention center. A simple cheeseburger, french fries and soda cost me the same as all my food yesterday combined.

We also got an epic clip from Tyrese. Seriously funniest nonsense you'll ever see of a man promoting the comic Mayhem. As soon as I get the video online, that shits going up.

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