Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Zac Efron Talents

I was re-watching 17 Again the other day and it started to dawn on me that every movie I've seen so far with Zac Efron there's always a scene where he is:
(a) Dances
(b) Plays Basketball
(c) is shirtless
(d) All three at the same time.

This got me wandering if this is part of his film contract. Or perhaps it's one of those things he does because he knows that's the only reason people will see his movies (example: I'll only watch Will Smith movies in which he either says "Aww Hell no" or where he raps the closing credits song). It would make sense to me, I mean he's a pretty good actor and all but clearly basketball, dancing and being shirtless are his talents.

(you might argue being shirtless isn't a talent to those of you who think that I present you exhibit A)

what's depressing to me is that if I were to fill my contract with things that I was talented at it'd be:
(a) Masturbation
(b) going to the bathroom
(c) Making Mac & Cheese
(d) All Three at Once

1 comment:

  1. if you're only counting recent movies, in "me and orson welles," he does not take off his shirt, play basketball, or dance.

    if you're counting older stuff, he doesn't do any of the above in "derby stallion" or "miracle run," the latter in which he plays an autistic child. just saying.

    (c'mon, you knew i'd be the one to say something.)