Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's much hotter that way

Last night we crashed at our friend Zack’s house (as I stated when I last blogged). First thing I forgot to say was how AWESOME Zack’s place is. He lives in an apartment in San Diego that used to be a Hotel in the 70s. It looks like the fucking Shining it was awesome.

Anyway, Jonathan and I quickly wrote up some stuff for the site and then went to bed. About an hour later, a very loud and painful fire alarm went off. Jonatahn properly described it as “the sound of death”. That went for about 30 minutes (no fire, just a retard pulling the alarm).

This morning we woke up and got some breakfast (way too expensive for this particular trip, gotta find a cheaper breakfast place) and then put some final touches on the booth. Actor Tim Jennings arrived and tried on the homemade Metroid outfit and we shot the first episode of Jonathan’s new web series. I play a small speaking role (expect video links when it goes live) that hopefully will expand one day into my own character next year when I move out here.

I quickly ran to Subway to get food and returned to watch the booth and flirt with the adorable (but not to be trusted) booth girls at Film School Confidential. Finally, the time had come for the doors to open; it was glorious. I have no clue how many Geekscape Postcards I handed out, conversations I had started and shirts we sold, but it was an intense 3 hours. We stopped to finish the short and I got to film my line (which made the director and camera man laugh so I must have done something right) and went right back to handing out postcards and talking to people.

After a hard days work the whole gang went to Dick’s Last Resort Bar. While it’s the general theme of the restaurant, I still found it to be the most obnoxious place I’ve ever gone for food. Afterwards Walton, Ben, Jonathan and I went to the hotel and we’re going to swimming so I shall be signing out.

Tomorrow I will be dropping some serious Jacksons at the Full Moon Pictures booth.

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