Monday, July 26, 2010

Poke the Banner, get the Hulk

So comic con is officially over. Sunday was a shorter day, the highlights were filming the Geekscape Episode and the SAM (super action man) special, both which will be up shortly (i'll be short to send links). I do however want to focus on something ELSE.

Saturday afternoon there was a stabbing in Hall H of the convention center where Comic Con takes place. It happened during a panel for the new Resident Evil game. I made a lot of friends out here, one of which is Brian Walton. He's a very friendly guy, but can sometimes have a slightly short fuse. After the stabbing, he got text messages from his friends and family asking if he did the stabbing. We all had a few laughs. I stopped laughing however when I started getting text messages from MY friends and family. Who wanted to know if I got stabbed.

WTFuck friends! Do I really come off as a victim THAT MUCH! I'll tell you this much, the aggressor... (who stabbed the guy in the face (near the eye) with a fucking pen!) was dressed like Harry Potter. I'm willing to beat he was always seen as the victim too! But sometimes bruce banner can't take it and he becomes the hulk! So stop texting me that, it's making me angry... and you wouldnt like me when I'm angry!

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  1. Awesome. Now the world will know I have a short fuse. Oh wait, it's only Mort's blog. Now 4 people will know I have a short fuse.