Friday, July 23, 2010

She puts on her make-up

Going to sleep last night was like trying to sleep through a comedians of comedy set. Every person in this hotel room (btw, there's 9 of us in one room) are so fucking funny. It was a burn-fest for at least an hour. Regardless, we fell asleep despite Jonathan constantly singing "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton.

At 630 I (and mostly everyone else) woke up. I quickly showered and then Jonathan and I went to subway for a quick breakfast and then set up the booth. It was a busy day tonight full of pushing Comic on Comics Live. I took a quick break to purchase "The Lost Skeleton Returns Again", which William Bibbiani was kind enough to get signed for me later on.

After a little more of trying to build a crowd for the Comics on Comics Panel, I was asked by Gilmore if I'd want to interview Horror director Adam Greene about the movie "Frozen", based on the fact that I think Hatchet and Spiral are two of the best horror movies of the decade, I obviously said "absolutely". The interview went really well and then finally I was able to get lunch (2 slices of pizza).

When I returned former porn-star turned D&D Reality show creator Saltine Phoenix was at the booth just hanging out. She was extremely funny and nice. we didn't talk much but she's very energetic and reminded me of a few of my friends from Penn State. Jonathan left at 630 to set up for the Comics on Comics Live while I closed down the booth.

The comics on comics panel went AMAZINGLY, we had 2 voice actors from Metaloclypse & Venture Brothers, a voice actor from Family Guy, a British guy who runs a blog, and one of the writers of Lost. It went so well, it was great seeing so many people that I had remembered handing flyers too.

We stopped at Wendys for a quick dinner and now we're crashing.

I would like to quickly talk about how i was reportedly going to hell for attending comic con if you were to ask a specific church (that could only wrangle about... 4 attendees), oh well.

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