Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Goose Vain Sant presents...

I woke up this morning and quickly packed up my shit into Jonathan's car. We left LA for San Diego at 7am. After about an hour of driving we hit a Denny's for some breakfast. I've concluded the "Make your own Grand Slam" meal for $5 is a god-send. That being said, was annoyed they apparently confused Pancakes for hash browns... but hey it happens.

During the drive I pitched a monthly web-show in which people recreate shot by shot unimportant movie sequence. Almost like a particular award-winning director did in 1998 to a Hitchcock classic, for anonymity's sake we'll call him Goose Vain Sant. He seemed to like the idea so hopefully that will be coming sooner than later.

We got to Diego around 11 am and got hard at work putting the merch table together. We took a break to get pizza. In the end it looks pretty bad ass.

Afterwards we met Jake108 and his Girlfriend Kelsie for some food. I had the spiciest burger I've ever consumed and then we met up with the ever helpful Zack H, who allowed us crash at his house. Many thank yous to Zack. Now it's time to sleep for a busy Preview Night tomorrow. Signing off here's a picture of me counting shirts.

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