Saturday, September 25, 2010

Taking a Risk

Yesterday would have been (i suppose in theory it still is) Jim Henson's birthday. In honor of that I started to retweet my article I wrote back in May. I was excited to have two semi-celebrity contacts when Brian Lynch (writer of my all-time favorite comic book "Everybody's Dead") retweeted the article as well and furthermore when I got a personalized message from Zach Pearlman, star of Virginity Hit.

I had a pretty exciting day yesterday beyond Jim Henson articles. I got to spend some time with friend's I haven't seen in a while, but even more importantly was today I scratched off yet another one of the things on my bucket list. Today saw the completion of #5 Risk Night. It was extremely exciting (despite getting kicked out of the game early on). The game was a good one starting at around 330/400 but ending at 10PM. So it was 6 hours at least of dice rolling. Congrats to Chris Culp for his victory.

Finally I have a new Saint Mort Video Up where i perform my Eminem Parody "Chemistry"

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