Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Awesome Rock Band Game Idea

Sometimes I try to think of something funny that I can one day turn into a stand-up bit. Sadly, I thought of something that started off as a funny idea, and turned into an awesome idea for a video game I'd actually play... what I'm pitching is Rock Band: VMA edition.

All the songs are live performances from the VMAs: Madonna's Like a Virgin, Michael Jackson Bad, Nirvana Rape me/Lithium among others.

But here's the best part; While in normal rock band, when you fail a song they unplug you and the audience boos; in this edition different shit happens, Kayne West Interrupts your performance, Vince Neil Fights you, Your bassist throws his bass in the air and it hits him on his head.

It's just a rough idea but someone needs to hook me up with the Rock Band designers and MTV; if we get on this soon, we can get this out in time for the next VMAs as a cross promotion.

ON a side note, I wrote an article about the top 10 90's one-hit wonders that deserve more credit; check it out here

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