Thursday, September 2, 2010

I said Fuck You

Right now Cee Lo Green has a viral sensation on his hands. He also has arguably the best single of the year on his hands. The song I'm referring to is the incredibly catchy and fun song "Fuck You". If you haven't heard this song then you're in luck.

Why is this song so popular? It's not laugh out loud funny, but I think the answer is simple. Cee-Lo Green is cashing in on a fact that we ALL know but we don't realize we know. The "Motown" influence is obvious and Motown is hands down without a doubt the most loved style of music ever!

Think for a second, do you know anyone who HATES Motown? The answer is NO! because A) everyone likes motown music and B) If people DIDN'T like Motown, we'd assume they hate life and everyone would avoid them at all costs.

Motown was/is/will always be incredible because no matter how bad of a day you're having, you hear "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day" and you instantly smile. You can't help but tap your foot to "The Way you Do the Things you Do". Were they the best songwriters in the world? Not really? But Do we care? Not At ALL!

People from all ages jump up to sing along with "Build me Up Buttercup" if it comes on at a party. Cee-Lo Green's song is most likely going to be the same way. The only thing hurting it is the lyrics which will turn off most older people. I know for a fact that my mother would enjoy it but say "Well, that's not very nice" about the lyrics.

Actual Photograph of my Mom

Regardless of lyrical content this song is so vintage that it's amazing. I pray that this will never ever die. I hope it will live forever like other Motown classics.

I DJ Weddings, I've gotten random lists of songs to NOT play. Sometimes a couple will say "Don't play anything older than the 80's or older than the 90's" and I'll ask "Does that include Motown?" and they always say "Oh no, play motown, we LOVE motown". I swear if someone said "no, I hate Motown" (which would never happen as explained earlier people who dislike motown don't exist) I'd refuse to DJ their wedding assuming that they are actually demons from Hell.

So after you listen to that Cee-Lo song like 5 more times (don't act like you haven't listened to it more than once already) go pop on some Little Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Ruffin, The Four Tops or Jackson 5.

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